• Adam Smith Building - Forward thinking


Welcome to a new business landmark for the 21st century and a building to inspire great thought and innovation.

The Adam Smith Building is close to the centre of Amsterdam, one of Europe’s most forward thinking capital cities and a magnet for ambitious businesses from around the world.

  • Adam Smith Building - Forward thinking

Surrounded by stunning nature and green space, the Adam Smith Building is situated on Thomas R. Malthustraat, a key address in the Riekerpolder area, an established and well-managed business park that is the closest business location to Schiphol in Amsterdam.

  • Adam Smith Building - Highlights


The Highlights

  • Situated in the Riekerpolder area within easy reach of Amsterdam city centre, and Schiphol airport

  • Close to nature, recreation and leisure facilities

  • Neighbouring a host of top international companies

  • 12 floors of primary office space – highly functional and superbly stylish

  • Exciting new design features including a new central lobby and reconfigured atrium

  • Philosopher’s Café on the ground floor creates  a hub for business and social life

  • Philosopher’s Restaurant on the ground floor for a quick and relaxing lunch break

Inspired by great thought

Adam Smith was a Scottish moral philosopher and political economist, and was a lead player in the Scottish Enlightenment. With his ground-breaking tract The Wealth of Nations, Adam Smith became the leading economic theorist of his time and a key influence for generations of future economists including such luminaries as Karl Marx and John Maynard Keynes.

  • Adam Smith Building - Inspired by great thought

Born in Kirkcaldy, Scotland in 1723, Adam Smith studied philosophy at Baliol College, Oxford before leaving academia to tutor the Duke of Buccleuch in France where his travels brought him into contact with the likes of Voltaire and Jean-Jacques Rousseau. In 1776, the same year as the American Declaration of Independence, he published The Wealth of Nations where he expounded his ideas on labour and the free market.

Born in 1766, Thomas Robert Malthus was an English cleric and scholar who garnered fame for his theories on political economics and demographics. His ‘An Essay on the Principle of Population’ observed that population growth will always be controlled by famine and poverty. A critic of the Poor Laws, Robert Malthus supported the Corn Laws which introduced taxation on British imports of wheat. His views were influential in the fields of economics, politics and social and scientific thought, and he was also read by pioneers of evolutionary biology such as Charles Darwin.

An inspirational place in which to do business

Facts and figures

  • 2003 / NEW ATRIUM 2015
  • 6,465 SQ M
  • 20,850 SQ M
  • 45 M HIGH-RISE - 26 M LOW-RISE
  • 2,000 SQ M - 2 , 700 SQ M
  • 970 SQ M
  • 3
  • 2.70 M
  • 20,696 SQ M
  • 188
  • 90 SQ M
  • 6
  • Adam Smith Building - A space to grow

A space to grow

Space, light and energy define today’s Adam Smith Building. A striking architectural design of stone, aluminium and glass, this superb refurbishment welcomes tenants and visitors alike with a timeless, natural ambience. A perfect combination of functionality and style – this is an inspirational place in which to do business.

  • Adam Smith Building - Welcome in

Welcome in

At the entrance to the building, a stunning new terrace with innovative lighting creates a sense of drama. Inside, the reworked central lobby and naturally lit reception area has been upgraded with light, modern furniture and high quality finishes. Occupying pride of place is a magnificent portrait of Adam Smith himself – an inspiration for free thinking and business innovation for everyone who visits the building.

  • Adam Smith Building - Meet and greet, café style

Meet and greet, café style

The pioneering thinking of Adam Smith has influenced the creation of the Philosopher’s Café, a modern, relaxed and harmonious space that will be open to customers throughout the business park, a place to stop and think, share ideas and forge partnerships. With the Philosopher’s Café and its terrace, the Adam Smith Building will become the place to be seen, whereas the nearby Philosopher’s Restaurant will be welcoming employees and their business partners for a quick and delicious meal.

A stunning atrium

An eye-catching new feature in the Adam Smith Building is the reworked atrium that extends to the sixth floor, with coloured and transparent glass panelling that ensure optimum amounts of light flood the central well of the building. Featuring a light terrazzo floor, soft carpeting and relaxed furniture, the atrium’s focus is a striking sculptural light feature that is both stunning to look at and produces a fascinating visual interplay with the atrium façade.

  • Adam Smith Building - Forward thinking
  • Adam Smith Building - Forward thinking
  • Adam Smith Building - Forward thinking
  • Adam Smith Building - Forward thinking
  • Adam Smith Building - Forward thinking
  • Adam Smith Building - Forward thinking

An inspiration for free thinking and business innovation for everyone who visits the building.

Ground Floors

  • 1 tenant  per floor

    1 tenant per floor

  • 2 tenants  per floor

    2 tenants per floor

  • 3 tenants  per floor

    3 tenants per floor

  • Adam Smith Building - Surface table

Surface table

The place to be


An unbeatable city for doing business.

Amsterdam is one of Europe’s favourite cities – and arguably one of its most relaxed for doing business. With a competitive corporate tax rate of 25% - well below the EU average – the city welcomes international business, while its large labour pool offers employers access to a wealth of well-educated and multilingual employees. Meanwhile, its prime location at the heart of Europe gives businesses ready access to the continent and some 500 million potential customers with high-speed rail links to Paris, London, Berlin and Brussels. Not only that, the Amsterdam area is a thriving tech hub with one of the fastest average broadband speeds in the world.

Enjoy a great lifestyle

Amsterdam has an enviable lifestyle. In a city that effortlessly combines history and contemporary culture with a distinctly relaxed, casual lifestyle, there’s much to celebrate. In the centre of Amsterdam are some of Europe’s best-loved museums and art galleries, while the combination of luxury shopping, street markets and laid-back café culture make it a hotspot for young and old alike. Best of all, the city’s compact scale and abundant cycle lanes means two wheels are the preferred mode of transport – a plus for the environment.

Close to the airport and motorways

The Adam Smith Building in Riekerpolder is ideally located close to the A4 motorway that connects Amsterdam city centre (20 minutes) and the international airport of Schiphol (10 minutes). It is also 10 minutes by car to the A1.

Easy for public transport

The Rieker Circle Line makes accessing Riekerpolder by public transport quick and easy. This is a non-stop shuttle bus service that links the business park with Sneevlietweg subway station (15 minutes’ walk).


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